businessman spelling out NetFlow

What Is Netflow Protocol?

A NetFlow protocol is a network monitoring tool that allows businesses to see which applications are using the most bandwidth, where traffic is coming from and going to, and overall network performance. This data can be used to troubleshoot network issues, optimize traffic flow, and more. Keep reading to learn more about NetFlow protocol and how it can benefit your business.

Created By Cisco Systems

Netflow is a protocol that was created by Cisco Systems in the late 1990s and developed as a flow-based one-way technology for monitoring traffic flow. It allows network administrators to monitor both the volume and flow of data packets entering or leaving network devices on their network, providing them with valuable insight into their network infrastructure. Netflow is an invaluable tool for any organization looking to get visibility and understanding into the bandwidth requirements of their systems. With its comprehensive flow collection, it can generate reports on volumes and trends within the entire network, allowing organizations to make informed decisions regarding their infrastructure’s performance and security.

The 3 Components Of A NetFlow Protocol

NetFlow’s process is both uncomplicated and incredibly effective, making it stand head-and-shoulders above other network monitoring systems. It provides you with an extensive understanding of your bandwidth usage through three components that come together in the NetFlow protocol – presenting a comprehensive overview of the traffic flow on your network.

  • NetFlow’s exporters strategically organize and collate packets into data ‘flows,’ then promptly deliver their records to the designated flow collector.
  • Upon receiving the exported flow data, the collector will securely store and pre-process it.
  • Subsequently, our flow analytics software will analyze the data and reveal to you precisely what you need to learn about your web traffic. You can delve further into a certain port or explore the number of bytes transmitted between two particular hosts – it’s all up to you!

Collecting Information About Traffic Flows

NetFlow is a powerful protocol that allows for detailed monitoring of the data traffic flows passing through a network. It efficiently captures, stores, and evaluates data related to communication between devices, allowing companies to monitor their networks and evaluate how information is flowing. This provides an incredibly valuable insight into current and future resource allocation, enabling optimal performance of their networks. Furthermore, it can monitor anomalies that could indicate malicious activity, reinforcing security measures already in place. As such, NetFlow is an invaluable aid for companies to monitor their network performance as well as protect against potential threats.

How To Leverage That Data? 

With the help of the NetFlow protocol, organizations can gain an in-depth understanding of how their network is being used at any given time. This information can be used for various purposes, such as monitoring traffic patterns or diagnosing network problems. For example, if you notice that traffic is suddenly higher than usual on certain ports, you can use the NetFlow protocol to drill down and find out which particular systems are responsible for this increased activity. As such, NetFlow protocol offers valuable insight that goes beyond basic monitoring and can help organizations accurately diagnose and troubleshoot underlying problems in their networks. By leveraging the data provided by NetFlow, businesses can better understand what they need as a resource in order to ensure that their operations run smoothly. With its multitude of uses, NetFlow is an invaluable tool for increasing efficiency and optimizing your network performance.

Who Can Benefit From Using A NetFlow Traffic Analyzer?

For businesses looking to keep close tabs on their network traffic data, a NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is the perfect tool. It is especially suitable for organizations whose operations rely heavily on robust and uninterrupted digital communications, such as those in the public safety and utilities industries. With NetFlow-based analysis, these companies can identify any malicious or anomalous activity before it has a chance to affect service or cause damage. Plus, with real-time data being available, they are able to detect problems early while also ensuring high levels of performance. From monitoring network performance to tracking suspicious activities, large organizations across many industries can make full use of the advantages that come with implementing a NetFlow Traffic Analyzer.


NetFlow is an incredibly powerful protocol for monitoring network traffic flows and can be a major asset for organizations that need to manage resources and protect against possible threats. With the help of NetFlow, businesses can gain detailed insight into how their networks are being used, allowing them to fine-tune performance or detect any malicious activity before it’s too late. By using a NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, organizations can make the most of their network data to ensure optimal efficiency and security.  In summary, implementing a NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is an excellent way for any business to realize the full potential of its networks.