Database Activity Monitoring

Database activity monitoring (DAM) is essential for ensuring the health and functionality of your network.

With solutions from Lumics, you’ll never be in the dark regarding the security of your system; monitoring and auditing occur in real-time to detect and stop unauthorized activity in your network.

Lumics pulls data every minute from the database as well as from installed applications. Avoid feeling vulnerable to app activity in which users are disguised; monitoring allows you to pinpoint end-users so you can ensure transactions are legitimate and compliant.

What We’re Monitoring For

Lumics database monitoring is pulling data regarding the following operations:

  • Activity during business and non-business hours
  • Resource consumption
  • Throughput under ideal working conditions
  • Expensive or slow queries
  • App updates
  • Database changes
  • Logs
  • And more!

Database monitoring not only alerts you to any security concerns but of how well your physical hardware is performing. You can be aware of the need for any upgrades before they become a problem.

Ways to Monitor Your Database

With Lumics database activity monitoring, you can continuously scan your operations, or you can schedule specific scans related to specific events. If you want to know who is logging into your server, database monitoring not only gives you that information but allows you to see what users are viewing as well.

Knowing what’s going on with your network allows you to continue optimizing and fine-tuning your database for the best possible performance. Whether it’s a coding issue, inefficient app, or flawed database structure, use Lumics database monitoring to stay in the know.