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Reliable Network Monitoring Solutions

Your business consists of numerous moving parts, all of which need to be functioning at their best for you to efficiently get the job done. From event monitoring to Internet speeds and security threats, you need tools to keep everything on track and catch problems before they get out of control.

Why Network Monitoring is Essential

Network monitoring from Lumics is an essential tool for businesses in today’s digitally-connected world. It provides visibility into how a network is performing, with the ability to capture, analyze and monitor data traffic in real-time. By keeping track of all the data flowing through a business’s network, network monitoring helps identify potential problems before they can adversely affect operations, ensuring a consistently high level of performance and reliability. Besides that, it also helps detect any malicious activities within the system, to protect important information from cyberattacks. As more businesses move their operations online and demand ever-increasing speed and scalability from their networks, network monitoring has become even more indispensable for ensuring smooth IT operations regardless of size or complexity.

Elements of Successful Network Monitoring

To avoid wasting time and resources on troubleshooting problems with your digital infrastructure, your network monitoring solutions should include: 


  • Automation
  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • Event Collection and Processing
  • IP Address Management
  • Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM)
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Security
  • Topology Mapping


There may be other facets involved in your business not listed here, but the aforementioned are often standard when it comes to running a business and running it well. Lumics offers solutions that show insight and data for reducing noise and increasing efficiency in the following areas. 


Automation is key to increasing efficiency in your network. It ensures consistent implementation of programs, allowing employees and customers to get what they need, every time.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Is your network working as it’s designed? What is keeping you informed regarding app performance? If you’re in the dark, it’s time to upgrade your digital experience monitoring so you can identify whether or not a problem is with the app itself, or your network.

Event Collection and Processing

Network events are collected and processed without presenting an overwhelming amount of alerts. Only get notifications regarding crucial events.

IP Address Management

Know what devices are accessing your network with IP address management. Network security is paramount in our digital world, and you need to be able to streamline planning, tracking, and monitoring the plethora of IP addresses used throughout your business. Domain name systems (DNS) and dynamic host configuration protocols (DHCP) are essential for ensuring all devices are assigned an IP address when they connect to your network.


Automate configuration updates by archiving each one, allowing access to retrieve any information from previous configurations. Daily drifts and audits monitor configurations to ensure they’re following design and function specifications.

Performance Monitoring

Know how every device (CPU, fans, power supply, etc…) is operating with Lumics solutions. You’ll be alerted to any failures or problems in your network before they put a stop business-as-usual.


Network monitoring needs to include intrusion prevention and detection devices. If your software can’t identify security threats and manage them without your hands-on interference, it’s not working hard enough for you.

Topology Mapping

See the landscape of your network by mapping out device connection data. See every node and link with topology mapping solutions. Whether you need 2-layer or 3-layer mapping, it’s important to see how data is flowing through all the relationships in your network.

How to Choose the Right Network Monitoring Solution for Your Business

A network monitoring solution is a powerful tool for any business. It can help you to identify issues proactively, gain visibility into your system performance, and ensure secure data transfers. When selecting the right one, it’s important to consider factors such as scalability, the total cost of ownership, customization options, and technical support. You should also look for solutions that provide real-time insights into the status of your devices so that you can quickly respond to any disruptions or threats in your network environment. With so many available solutions, it’s essential to research all your options and experiment with trial plans where possible before taking the plunge and committing to a long-term commitment.