Each device in your network logs a lot of complex information, including important data events and statuses. In order to find the cause of problems and plan for the future of your system, it is crucial to gather this data and review the details all in one place. This can be quite challenging without a comprehensive tool, especially if you are managing a larger network.

The Syslog Solution

Syslog presents a solution: a standardized protocol that collects messages from all your devices and sends them to a single server.

There are three simple, standardized components to Syslog:

Content: The information contained in an event message

Application: A means of generating this message, as well as interpreting and routing it

Transport: Transportation of this message to a server

Success Lies in Your Server

To successfully utilize the information gathered by the Syslog protocol, you’ll need a server that will not only store it, but provide alerts and allow you to search for exactly what you want to know.

Lumics acts as a Syslog collector, storing and streamlining its data for effective use:

Watch Syslog windows in real-time

View trends for planning purposes

Set up events and alerts based on any Syslog entry

Search logs for forensics about past failures

Return your system to a prior status after a failure

Monitor applications while sustaining smooth performance

Let Lumics Do the Rest

Syslog can smooth out the way you manage your network devices. Let Lumics set you up for success by providing you with a way to utilize Syslog easily and effectively.