Get Secure with Lumics

Does your infrastructure provide real-time monitoring of your devices?

Lumics pulls health and performance statistics from all your devices, whether they’re hardwired or are a cloud-based. Physical and virtual machines will be monitored with a variety of solutions to ensure that all your networks are working properly and securely. Whether you want to have a single point of trust establishment or a zero-trust digital environment, Lumics has your security covered.

Customized Access to Data

At Lumics, we understand that not everyone in your organization needs to have unfettered access to all available data. As a result, we offer role-based access for our clients. This means we help clients build out user roles for various devices, personnel, and positions across the organization.

Lumics Portal Authentication

Because we value security, your stats are confidential and we have implemented Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) access to the Lumics Portal for our clients. This can be done on a global policy or role based, meaning MFA can be applied to all personnel or some. You can use apps such as DUO, Okta, Microsoft Authenticator, or Google Authenticator with MFA, or opt for a one-time passcode via text or email.