Track your traffic by implementing NetFlow in your business practices—an innovative network protocol system that is now the standard for top IT professionals.

Opt for an add-on license on devices that support NetFlow, and you’ll be able to start collecting and monitoring traffic flows with your Lumics collector. Our NetFlow widgets will enable you to visualize traffic patterns centered around a common attribute: your top sources, destinations, ports, and more.

The 3 Components of A NetFlow Protocol

NetFlow follows a simple yet highly effective process, surpassing other network monitoring systems by offering in-depth insight into bandwidth usage. Three components come together to create the NetFlow protocol, painting a comprehensive picture of your network traffic flow:

NetFlow’s exporters aggregate packets into ‘flows’ and export their records to a flow collector.

After the collector receives this exported flow data, it will store and pre-process it.

From there, our flow analytics application will analyze the data and show you exactly what you want to know about your traffic, whether it’s a specific port that you want to scrutinize or the number of bytes sent between two specific hosts.

How We Implement NetFlow Information at Lumics

At Lumics, our implementation of the NetFlow protocol is geared towards monitoring the performance and health of your networks. Our license will allow you to keep track of your traffic so you can pinpoint critical factors such as causes of congestion and the class of your service. We do not, however, implement it for use in forensic security.