IP Address Management

IP Address Management Made Simple & Powerful

As part of the base Lumics license, our users get access to a powerful IPAM module that allows them to manage their IP address space in a variety of ways. This enables our clients to have end-to-end visibility across their IP address infrastructure, all from an easy-to-use central interface.

Key Features of the Lumics IPAM Module

  • Automatic IP Scanning
  • IP Address Tracking
  • Subnet Discovery
  • DNS Management
  • Additional Integrations

Subnet Management

Using our IPAM module, users are able to automatically scan and add subnets from devices that are currently managed by Lumics, as well as manually add subnets on your own.

Adding a subnet to the module allows you to track the following information:

  • The status of the IP address
  • Name of DNS
  • Days since last response
  • Location
  • Machine
  • System
  • Response time
  • Team comments on status of subnet

DNS Lookup on Active IP Addresses

All IP addresses that are discovered with our IPAM module are able to be identified with a reverse DNS lookup, which makes it easier to determine what those IP addresses are and where they are coming from.

Custom Organization

Your IT team can easily sort and manage different IP addresses in your network by adding descriptions, as well as automatically and manually scanning them on a regular basis to see what’s alive and what’s not. This enables your team to move off of outdated spreadsheets and into a more modern, cloud-based solution.