Device Configuration & Backups

No monitoring platform should be without configuration backup and monitoring— Lumics presents powerful solutions to upgrade the way you configure your devices and run your system.

Simplicity and centralization are key in successfully managing a network— Device configurations, versioning, and the ability to compare current configurations with past ones can make or break a business. At Lumics, we believe that each company requires a customized solution.

Simplify Your Configurations — Streamline Your Monitoring

A sufficient configuration management system should provide you with a complete picture of all changes to your configurations, as well as their sources— who executed each change and why. We offer configuration backups through SSH and Telnet with our base licensing for no additional cost, allowing you to monitor your unique network easily and efficiently. 

Level Up Your Productivity With the Power of Lumics Protocols

SSH and Telnet allow you to access and manage all your devices remotely, including products with differing configuration setups such as Dell, Cisco, and F5. Some of the other incredible benefits of using these protocols include:

  • Improve productivity and security 
  • Save time through simplified network management 
  • Reduce manual errors and troubleshoot easily
  • Receive alerts and gain insight into changes
  • Roll back to previous configurations for disaster recovery

Support Your Success With Our Version Control System

To maintain a lucrative system, it is essential that data from each successive version of a given configuration can be stored, seen, and shared amongst devices. Lumics can provide you with a version control solution that will store this information in a repository and streamline it onto a single server. That way, your devices will stay in sync while you continue to improve your services…and bottom line.