Lumics aims to offer streamlined integration that allows you to monitor your software with ease.

We offer the following solutions that cater to your business needs to make it easier to understand how your networks are operating, and how they could be better. Lumics supports a myriad of APIs and is able to do the following with them: 

  • Present key data from the API
  • Alert key users based on necessary data indicators
  • Keep historicals for planning
  • Summarize trending information
  • Build reports

Accomplishing this balance requires a detailed array of different technologies that we incorporate into an easy-to-use solution. Learn more about our product and how it works below.


Provide your software with a solution for interacting directly with Meraki’s cloud platform, and any devices managed by Meraki. This includes access points, security appliances, switches, and wireless devices or networks.


Meraki is a popular solution for the education industry, as it allows schools to filter the content to which students have access. Meraki also provides secure connections so student data is protected, and can help identify any apps that are using excessive amounts of bandwidth, slowing down Internet speed. 



Run virtual machines with ease using VMware. With a variety of applications and operating software for each, Lumics can ensure you’re getting the most seamless access to all virtual machines running on the same physical server.


VMware appeals to numerous industries, including education, healthcare, and government. Applying VMware in the retail industry means that all stores have access to the same information regarding inventory, pricing, and shipping all within an interface that has an ease of use comparable to that of any computer. VMware allows all systems running on the virtual machine to do so in its own window; any upgrades in the future will not affect existing applications already installed.


  • Voice: Manage all call-processing, whether it’s voice or video. Cisco voice provides solutions for secure connections between IP phones and endpoints, mobile devices, and more.
  • UCS: Unified Computing System is a means of simplifying the management of server hardware, virtualization, switching, and other software. Ciscos’s UCS can increase app speed for both customers and employees.


Blend both cloud and physical storage with NetApp data services and management. 


There can be a steep learning curve when it comes to the cloud, especially if at any point there is multicloud integration. Managing multiple clouds can be less efficient than desired, as the visibility of applications is limited. There may also be a concern regarding data security in the event a merger results in multicloud development.

NetApp offers solutions for streamlining visibility and security, ensuring that data storage is not only convenient but optimized for a variety of industries, including automotive, game development, and healthcare.

Palo Alto

Coming soon to solutions offered by Lumics is Palo Alto Networks. Primarily offering firewalls, Palo Alto is known as a leader in global cybersecurity. Get the security you need with simplified infrastructure and lower overhead costs.

Pure Storage

Another solution coming to Lumics in the near future is Pure Storage. What started with disk array controllers has evolved to become a proprietary flash storage hardware solution from Pure Storage.

New API Integration

Upon request, you can receive new, customized API integration solutions from Lumics. Start a free trial today.