Setting up for our scalable cloud-based solutions is simple— Start implementing Lumics in your company’s infrastructure today!

Install our collector at no cost, choose a subscription plan, and then sit back and watch our Software as a Service (SaaS) enhance the speed, ease, and efficiency of your network monitoring.

Augment Your Monitoring With A Single Appliance​
Our collector streamlines our solutions, eliminating expenses that come along with similar software and services. This small lightweight VM appliance collects your data and sends it to our Lumics cloud environment for processing and consumption. No matter how many collectors you need to support your environment, we will provide them at no cost.
No upfront software purchase costs​
No hardware to purchase or manage
No yearly maintenance support costs
Let Lumics Provide the Licenses You Need. Leave Out the Rest.​​

Since our Linux-based collectors are free, all you’ll need to pay is a monthly subscription fee. When you sign up with us, you can build the perfect subscription plan for your unique setup:

Free License​​

Determine the reachability of hosts in your network and troubleshoot connection issues with Ping (ICMP)

Make sure your apps and services run smoothly and remain accessible with HTTP URL Checks

Make sure your apps and services run smoothly and remain accessible with HTTP URL Checks

Base License​​

Optimize your memory and energy usage with SNMP

Manage your resources remotely with WMI and WinRM

Store, analyze, and search for data with Mongo DB and Elastic Search

Manage your IP addresses from a powerful module with IPAM

Gain insight into changes as you improve security and productivity with Configuration Backups

Add-On Licenses

Track your traffic flows to monitor the health and performance of your network with a Netflow License

Integrate your programs, using a single interface to easily monitor your environment with API Licenses such as:

Your Devices. Your Choice.
Discuss Your Licensing Options With Lumics Today.

Get the most out of your collector— Call Lumics today to discuss the licenses that will work best for your chosen devices. Our solutions are cost-effective, scalable, and conducive to growth, paving a path to sustainable success for operations of all sizes and complexities.