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Why Information Visualization Is Key For Cyber Security

When you work with cyber security, it can seem like there’s barely any difference between comprehension and chaos when it comes to looking through your data. In the often turbulent landscape of cyber threats, vast data sets, and complex network structures, even the most seasoned IT professional can get overwhelmed. So what’s the best way […]

The Essential Guide to IP Address Management for Remote Workers

In today’s world, ‘the office’ can mean your living room or a beachside café just as easily as it can mean a corporate cubicle. For many professionals and businesses, the reality of a remote workforce is no longer a forward-thinking dream, but an everyday working scenario. With this shift comes a new set of challenges, […]

Troubleshooting Common Network Issues with Proactive Management

With the world as connected as it is, most businesses rely on online networks to manage their day-to-day affairs. But this rise in technology also means a rise in necessary network connectivity troubleshooting. But what if you stayed ahead of the problem instead of trying to fix it when it happened? With proactive management of […]

The Future of Network Management: Trends to Watch

In today’s world, we are more connected than ever. With so many devices and systems linked up, it’s important for those who manage these networks to use modern tools like automation and AI. These tools make their job easier by keeping a close eye on the network, spotting any issues before they become serious problems, […]

Best Practices for Efficient IP Address Management

As the digital landscape continues to expand exponentially, we’re seeing an unprecedented explosion in IP addresses. This surge is fuelled by the ever-increasing number of connected devices, applications, and the growing demand for mobility. Consequently, we find ourselves navigating an increasingly complex network environment. The management of these networks, in particular IP Address Management (IPAM), […]

Explaining Load Balancing in Network Monitoring

Load balancing is crucial for modern web applications that require high traffic and scalability. It involves distributing workload across multiple servers to ensure optimal performance and resource utilization. In the context of Lumics.io, a cloud-based network monitoring platform, load balancing plays a critical role in delivering uninterrupted service to users. Its main purpose is to […]

How to Conceptualize a Real-Time Data Visualization Framework

What is data visualization? Data visualization is a form of communication that uses visual representations such as charts and graphs to convey important information about data sets. Data visualization tools help users create visuals from large data sets quickly, allowing them to better view trends in the data and identify important points of interest. These […]

Examples of Graph Database Use Cases

What are graph databases? Graph databases are systems that store and organize data points in a graph structure. This structure allows for the formation of relationships between nodes, or data points, as well as easy visualization of data silos and connections between entities. By using this type of database, organizations can gain better insights from […]

What Is a Network Visualization Tool?

Network visualization tools are software programs used to construct interactive graphical representations of logical connections between an organization’s network data. These tools allow users to visualize their networks, detect potential performance issues, and conduct root cause analysis – all from one intuitive platform. The primary goal of a network visualization tool is to monitor the […]

IPAM vs DHCP Server: How Are They Different?

When it comes to network management, there are two key services that help manage IP addresses and subnets – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM). These two services are often confused with each other or thought of as the same thing, however, they offer different functions and capabilities. In this […]